Onda - Afcon visits European Onda factories
Afcon is pleased to announce that as the Nationally appointed Agents for Onda in Southern Africa, that we recently visited the Onda European factories to ensure that we are kept up to date with the European and Global heat exchange markets. As a leading supplier of a heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators, Afcon are able to meet even the most demanding of your heat exchanger requirements.
Our vision is to advance our trade into Sub Saharan Africa and to become a leading supplier of wholesale refrigerated equipment into Africa, able to supply both full custom built, standard off the shelf refrigeration components and equipment . We offer both the technical skills to advise and the products and equipment to help you resolve any challenge that you may have. Our equipment can be designed to operate in the high temperatures of Africa.
Please view our catalogue, or call us to find out more or better still, drop us an email.
Onda Afcon Shell & Tube CondenserOnda Afcon
ONDA Afcon Shell & Tube CondenserOnda Afcon Shell & Tube Condenser
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