About Afcon Industrial Equipment 

Afcon Industrial Equipment are independent wholesalers of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, based in Durban, South Africa since 1994. 


We specialise in: 


New and replacement coils evaporator condenser chilled water and steam  New and Replacement Coils - evaporator, condenser, chilled water and steam


Heat exchangers Shell Tube and Plate  Heat exchangers - Shell & Tube and Plate


Electronic Controls and valves  Electronic Controls and valves


 Semi Hermetic and Screw Compressors  Semi-Hermetic and Screw Compressors


Electricity saving technology  Electricity saving technology

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The Afcon Industrial Equipment team:



Neil Golten, Ragen Punwasi, Linky Meechan and Sifiso Shibangu

Commercial Refrigeration Division 

Dave Nicholls

Technical Support

Dave Nicholls and Mike Ladell
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Afcon Industrial Equipment
Afcon Industrial Equipment - Supplier of wholesale part and components for the refrigeration and Air conditioning Industries
925 Umgeni Road
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

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