Afcon Industrial Equipment 

Afcon Industrial Equipment are independent wholesalers of airconditioning and refrigeration equipment, based in Durban, South Africa, since 1994.
We are suppliers of refrigerants, copper and aluminium tubing, armaflex and line fittings, tools, electrical cable, trunking, cantilever brackets etc, as well as other refrigeration and airconditioning products.
Afcon's success has derived from excellent client service levels and the foresight to maintain strong links with its suppliers.  We at Afcon believe wholeheartedly in continuity of supply and matching client's needs. Afcon is a dynamic company which has maintained constant growth in the twenty four years of its operation.










We Specialise in: 


Semi hermetic Type Compressor    Semi-hermetic Type Compressor 


Spare Parts    Spare Parts


Slow Speed Open Type Compressor   Slow Speed Open Type Compressor 


Air Cooled Or Water Cooled Options Screw Compressors   Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Options Screw Compressors


High Speed Open Type Compressor   High Speed Open Type Compressor your social media marketing partner
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