HY-SAVE® LPA® technology in South Africa is represented solely by AFCON INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT.

Energy Saving Refrigeration Solutions

LPA® technology is used in refrigeration around the world, providing unrivalled LPA® energy savings and vital environmental benefits.

Over the past 27 years, HY-SAVE® Group Technologies has been involved in the design and development of energy efficient refrigeration applications and  technologies that save money but more importantly, the environment.

HY-SAVE® pumps have been successfully installed in numerous CUBICOOL packs and racks, often incorporating BITZER compressors, with impressive energy saving results.


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Liquid Pressure Amplifiers

AFCON INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT saw the advantages of using liquid pressure amplifiers some years ago and it took little convincing to get CUBICOOL on board. CUBICOOL have installed dozens of HYSAVE pumps on their Multiplexes thereby saving their customers considerable sums in running costs. Typical kWh savings are in excess of 20%.

How do they work? Basically instead of artificially maintaining high head pressures by cycling or slowing down condenser fans, the Hysave pumps allow the head pressures to reduce to suit the ambient conditions. Condensing temperatures of 25°C and lower are not uncommon. Even electronic expansion valves on a system require liquid pressure and the systems also benefit by using Hysave pumps. A typical compressor such as a Bitzer 4H25.2Y at -10/45° has a power input of 17.51kW and draws 29.5A. At -10/30° the same compressor has a power input of 14.83kW and draws 25.9A. There are other advantages in using a pump.   Flash gas is eliminated which means more refrigeration is taking place resulting in compressors running for shorter periods and not as hard.  In the unlikely event of a pump failing it will have no effect on the system.  The pumps have no shaft seals to wear and leak.  The impellor is magnetically coupled to the motor.  Should a motor fail it cannot effect the refrigeration circuit since it has no contact with the motor and the normal refrigeration will continue to operate without the pump.   A recent installation with Hysave pumps will save the store owner 75,948kWh on the LT Rack and 94,662kWh on the MT Rack.   At current power costs these savings are significant. For more information contact AFCON or CUBICOOL.




 A Floating Head Pressure Technology

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 Finding LPA COP

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 Humidity Removal in Supermarkets

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 Liquid Delivery System

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 Liquid Pumping and the Pressure Enthalpy Chart

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