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Product pirates not only sell counterfeit compressors, they also bring low-quality oils onto the market. In Asia, for example, counterfeiters partly disguised their imitations with the BITZER name and logo, presenting major risks. BITZER recently discovered several fake oils in Vietnam: a local company has illegally been declaring and selling containers with low-quality oil as original products from BITZER. According to the label, the high-quality oils B320SH, BSE32, BSE170 and B100 should be in the containers. However, they contained oils of inferior quality whose chemical formulation differs greatly from the high quality of the originals.BITZER has investigated the counterfeiting and expressly warns customers against the possible risks associated with their use. The viscosity characteristics, moisture content and chemical formulation are very different from the original products.

Programmed damage

Using the fake product can lead to insufficient lubrication of compressors, chemical reaction, destruction of elastomers and thus to great damage. In the imitation oil of the type BSE170, the moisture content exceeded the permissible values significantly. It was three times higher than the permissible value. High moisture content in polyolester oils like BSE170 is particularly critical because it leads to hydrolysis with the result of acid formation in the refrigerant circuit. This in turn causes copper plating and thus damage of critical moving parts like roller bearings as well as possible motor burn-out. This can in consequence trigger very high costs for compressor exchange and measures for system dehydration and acid catching.

Original BITZER Refrigeration Oils

Original BITZER lubricants feature lowest moisture content (lower than specified in standards) and specific properties optimised for BITZER compressors. Their chemical compatibility is extensively tested including distinct compressor construction materials introduced for use with the latest low-GWP HFOs and HFO/HFC blends. Due to their specific tribological characteristics, BITZER oils guarantee highest service life of the compressors. The outstanding lubricity and superior viscosity/temperature behaviour ensure reliable compressor operation and sufficient oil circulation in the circuit. BITZER Refrigeration Oils are subject to BITZER Quality Assurance and are delivered in metal packages which allow no moisture to ingress, even after longer periods of storage. Furthermore, safety data sheets are available as standard in several languages for all BITZER oils.

Only originals are safe

The specialist for refrigeration compressors condemns product piracy and warns against the associated risks. The use of counterfeit oils has a negative impact on the performance, safety and service life of BITZER compressors. Users should avoid these risks. In the end, the consequences of supposedly cheap forgeries are by far more expensive than the expected savings. The Original Refrigeration Oils certified by BITZER offer users more safety and have positive effects on the compressor’s life. Customers who have concerns about the origin of their lubricant are invited to contact their local BITZER representative for advice.

Afcon Bitzer Compressor Oil how to spot fakesAfcon Bitzer Compressor Oil how to spot fakes


All original Bitzer Oils are available at Afcon Industrial Equipment - http://www.afcon.co.za/index.php?option=com_eshop&view=category&id=35&Itemid=526


Technical Tips for Retailers Afcon Bitzer

Investing in the correct condensing unit for your store is a difficult decision to make without a reasonable degree of technical knowledge.

Here are ten critical questions to ask your suppliers the next time you are evaluating equipment suppliers.

1.  What Is The Brand Name Of The Product? - Make sure you buy a known and respected brand name.

2.  Does The Equipment Have Accreditation? - Is the condensing unit ASERCOM certified.

3.  Is The Equipment Repairable? - Make sure your compressor is serviceable. Many refrigeration compressors are sealed/welded hermetic and you have to throw them away when they break.

4.  Are Genuine Spare Parts Readily Available Locally? Some suppliers are merely import agents, ensure that you can get spare parts easily and quickly.

5.  Is Local 24hr Technical Support Available? - Ensure that you have local support so that in an emergency you can get your problem solved quickly.

6.  What Is The Energy Efficiency Level? - Ask for the ERP rating and ensure that the equipment is up to the latest energy saving standards.

7.  Is The Equipment HFO Compatible? - Ask about the equipment emission levels and whether it can run on a low global warming refrigerant that is friendly to the environment.

8.  Can The Equipment Be Remotely Accessed By A Technician? - This allows you to first request off-site diagnostics before investing in the cost of getting a technician sent to site.

9.  Is The Equipment Allow For Remote Trouble Shooting? - New equipment should give you alerts and warnings and allow for remote trouble shooting.

10. Have You Tested The Equipment's Noise Factor? - Check how quietly the condensing unit runs, and make sure that the equipment that you finally select is quiet enough not to effect the neighbours or your customers.


Taken from:  http://bitzersa.blogspot.co.za/2016/08/10-criteria-to-help-you-to-select.html


Save Electricity Afcon Hysave LPA retrofit pumpsFour Important HVAC&R Energy Savings Tips for Retailers

Refrigeration normally accounts for more than 50% of a food retailer's energy use. The most common question asked by food retailers is: "How can I lower my refrigeration costs? " Not only will you impact on your energy consumption, but optimising your equipment will also enhance shelf life, and have a meaningful impact on wastage and more efficient stock management. If you are a food retailer in Africa you should at least be aware of the following simple energy-saving tips:

Manage & Monitor your system  - Make sure that you have an energy management system in your store to schedule and controlling HVAC and lighting. Be sure it has remote access capability. This will not only allow you to manage your system, but will allow you to monitor it as well. Energy monitoring systems are normally integrated into building management systems.

Know the age of your equipment - The energy efficiency of refrigeration technology has improved significantly over the years, but the cost of completely replacing older refrigeration cases is substantial. That's why a lot of old and inefficient systems are in still being used today. "Even though it doesn't seem to make sense to replace old equipment that's still functioning well, if it's near the end of its life, upgrading to energy-efficient equipment will save you money in the long run."  Until then, food retailers can improve the efficiency of old equipment with a few simple tips:  a) where possible, trim an appliance's operating hours, b) regularly inspect door seals for cracks, and c) keep refrigerated cases and freezers clean.

Keep cold air in place with night covers, strip curtains. A major factor in reducing the cost of energy for refrigeration is to prevent the loss of what you've already invested in: cold air. Simple things like placing barriers between warm and cold areas can have a big impact. For smaller stores we recommend installing night covers on upright refrigerated display cases and strip curtains at the entry to cold storage areas. Night covers are a retractable plastic cover, like a window blind, that are pulled over the case opening during closing hours, keeping the cold air in place. Much the same, strip curtains stop chilled air from spilling out of a busy cold storage area, while still allowing people to reach in and out easily. Other simple improvements include adding doors to open display cases.

Save by only using the electricity you need when you need it. Another way to save money is to install electronically commutated motors (ECMs) These are small variable speed motors that draw much less electricity compared to standard motors because they contain built-in speed and torque controls that allow the motor to operate only at the speed that's needed., ECM motors are often designed to drop right into existing equipment, making the changeover easy and cost effective.

Taken from:  http://bitzersa.blogspot.co.za/2016/07/four-important-hvac-energy-savings-tips.html

 Bitzer Ecoline Picture Afcon

Bitzer European conference 2015

As a leading supplier of Bitzer screw compressors out of our offices here in KwaZulu Natal, we where invited to attend the Bitzer European conference.
Afcon have been proudly supplying Bitzer compressors as the Natal based agent for many years and have built up an enviable reputation of being one of their leading suppliers into the wholesale market, Bitzer screw compressors.
The Bitzer conference was a fantastic opportunity for us to learn more about global trends and changes in the industry that in turn allows us to be able to serve you, our client far more effectively.
Bitzer Afcon Bernhard BlazerBitzer conference AFCON
Bitzer conference AFCON Bernhard BlazerBitzer conference Afcon
Bitzer conference AfconBitzer conference 6 Afcon
Bitzer conference AfconBitzer conference Afcon Bernhard Blazer
Bitzer conference 7
Afcool Heat Exchangers is pleased to announce that as the Nationally appointed Agents for Onda in Southern Africa, that we recently visited the Onda European factories to ensure that we are kept up to date with the European and Global heat exchange markets. As a leading supplier of a heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators, Afcon are able to meet even the most demanding of your heat exchanger requirements.
Our vision is to advance our trade into Sub Saharan Africa and to become a leading supplier of wholesale refrigerated equipment into Africa, able to supply both full custom built, standard off the shelf refrigeration components and equipment . We offer both the technical skills to advise and the products and equipment to help you resolve any challenge that you may have. Our equipment can be designed to operate in the high temperatures of Africa.

Contact our heat exchanger department - Afcool Heat Exchangers

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Onda Afcon Shell & Tube CondenserOnda Afcon
ONDA Afcon Shell & Tube CondenserOnda Afcon Shell & Tube Condenser
ebaraEbara Pumps
EBARA pumps are premium pumps designed and manufactured in Italy in both cast iron and stainless steel construction. These pumps have been imported in RSA for over 30 years and has achieved an enviable reputation for the levels of stock holding in Johannesburg.
This well respected brand has become the preferred product for many local OEM customers for incorporation into many diverse applications such as cooling towers, water treatment and sewage plants and fertiliser injection systems. 
EBARA pumps are complemented by the Foras range of Flange pumps up to 22kW motor size.  Afcon is proud to offer such quality products as EBARA and Foras pumps to suit your every requirement.
If you have any questions or enquiries regarding the supply of these pumps, please contact us today, we would be happy to be of assistance to you.
ebara pump

Dairy Equipment

Cubicool are in the process of manufacturing  three large Glycol Chiller for producing low temperature glycol to feed dairy equipment.   At the heart of each chiller are Bitzer compact screw compressors ranging from 140-180hp models.   These compressors are matched to Onda shell & tube evaporators manufactured in Italy.  All the controls on these chillers are Carel products including a main Pco controller and dedicated electronic expansion valve.   The chiller also uses an Onda Braised plate heat exchanger for heat recovery – in which the discharge gas is subcooled to generate much needed hot water at no associated cost.   Each chiller will have remote air cooled condensers which utilise the highly efficient micro channel condenser technology – which is standard on all Cubicool products.

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Frigair Carel 5 smallerFrigair Cubicool 1 smallerDairy EquipmentONDA




 The new EVD Evolution Driver from Carel
CAREL: Electronic expansion valves and driver unit
This CAREL Expansion Valve Driver Solution is the result of decades of experience, research and development in the specific application, and thanks to the new EVD evolution driver, it integrates perfectly into the series of CAREL controllers for the management of the complete refrigeration cycle. CAREL offers a complete range of electronic valves for cooling capacities up to 2000 kW, covering the needs of all HVAC/R applications.
Afcon are the official suppliers of CAREL controls in Natal and have an inhouse specialist. If you would like to investigate the full offering of CAREL equipment and controls, please feel free to contact us.
ebm papstHere at Afcon Industrial Equipment, we offer experience and expertise in selecting the correct Ebm-papst fan for your application.  Afcon stocks a wide range of condenser, evaporator and shaded-pole Ebm-papst motors for many refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
Ebm-papst has 40 years experience in the manufacture of motors and fans and they are the leading experts in moving air, offering quality and reliability.
Ebm-papst motors and fans continuously set new standards, increasing the service life of HVAC&R systems, reducing energy consumption and developing low-noise fans.
If you would like more information on the range of products we carry, please contact us.
We recently supplied Zululand Refrigeration three large Chilled water cooling coils for the retrofit of an existing direct expansion system.   The existing plant room had a very old Trane Climate Changer DX air handling unit matched to large Trane 90 ton compressor.   The client was convinced to convert the plant to chilled water – whereby a new Clint Chiller was purchased and Afcon supplied the new chilled water cooling coils to fit into the existing Trane AHU.  Afcon also supplied a Foras water pump and Controlli  three way modulating valve. The entire system is now controlled by a Carel electronics system, which as agents here in Natal we were able to specify and supply.
 DX Coils
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