Dairy Equipment

Cubicool are in the process of manufacturing  three large Glycol Chiller for producing low temperature glycol to feed dairy equipment.   At the heart of each chiller are Bitzer compact screw compressors ranging from 140-180hp models.   These compressors are matched to Onda shell & tube evaporators manufactured in Italy.  All the controls on these chillers are Carel products including a main Pco controller and dedicated electronic expansion valve.   The chiller also uses an Onda Braised plate heat exchanger for heat recovery – in which the discharge gas is subcooled to generate much needed hot water at no associated cost.   Each chiller will have remote air cooled condensers which utilise the highly efficient micro channel condenser technology – which is standard on all Cubicool products.

Frigair Carel 5 smaller Frigair Cubicool 1 smaller Dairy Equipment ONDA




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