Technical Tips for Retailers Afcon Bitzer

Investing in the correct condensing unit for your store is a difficult decision to make without a reasonable degree of technical knowledge.

Here are ten critical questions to ask your suppliers the next time you are evaluating equipment suppliers.

1.  What Is The Brand Name Of The Product? - Make sure you buy a known and respected brand name.

2.  Does The Equipment Have Accreditation? - Is the condensing unit ASERCOM certified.

3.  Is The Equipment Repairable? - Make sure your compressor is serviceable. Many refrigeration compressors are sealed/welded hermetic and you have to throw them away when they break.

4.  Are Genuine Spare Parts Readily Available Locally? Some suppliers are merely import agents, ensure that you can get spare parts easily and quickly.

5.  Is Local 24hr Technical Support Available? - Ensure that you have local support so that in an emergency you can get your problem solved quickly.

6.  What Is The Energy Efficiency Level? - Ask for the ERP rating and ensure that the equipment is up to the latest energy saving standards.

7.  Is The Equipment HFO Compatible? - Ask about the equipment emission levels and whether it can run on a low global warming refrigerant that is friendly to the environment.

8.  Can The Equipment Be Remotely Accessed By A Technician? - This allows you to first request off-site diagnostics before investing in the cost of getting a technician sent to site.

9.  Is The Equipment Allow For Remote Trouble Shooting? - New equipment should give you alerts and warnings and allow for remote trouble shooting.

10. Have You Tested The Equipment's Noise Factor? - Check how quietly the condensing unit runs, and make sure that the equipment that you finally select is quiet enough not to effect the neighbours or your customers.


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