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Afcon profiles our own Mike Ladell

This year Mike Ladell has been a part of the HVAC&R industry for 60 years. Beginning with a 4-year apprenticeship at JH Stranack. Mike then went on to work at both Marshall’s and Brown’s Refrigeration before starting his own business, Ladell’s Services, which he ran for 16-years. Mikes next ran Yucon Coils’ Natal branch, before leaving to launch a new company Afcon.

Afcon’s initial focus was on selling Yucon shell and tube condensers, that were at the time manufactured in South Africa, as well as split units. Mike’s specialty soon presented itself when he designed, manufactured and sold Industrial Units to Telkom, Richard Bay Minerals and Richard Bay Coal Terminal. In the 90s, Mike was also one of the first in the industry to develop, in conjunction with Recoil, V shaped coils for a client.

Mike has thoroughly enjoyed his time in the industry, stating that he particularly enjoys the new and ever different challenges each job poses, and we are sure he’ll be around for some time to come. As someone once said “If you don’t know Mike Ladell, you aren’t in refrigeration”.

Mike advocates for a refocus on training in the HVAC&R industry and the introduction of a levels system through which standardisation across the industry can be ensured.

Mike Ladell

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