In 2014 F-Gas regulations, in Europe, were amended in order to prompt a phasedown of the use of HFCs. This regulation change was undergone with the hope that HFCs would be reduced to only 21% of its current usage by 2030. This goal is on track to being achieved as a 63% decrease is expected by 2018.

This phase down is being achieved through the introduction of quota allocations and sectorial bans on high-GWP HFCs as well as multiple governments taking further steps to reduce the use of refrigerants with a substantial impact on the environment.

Bitzer has expanded their range of compressors to meet this need for environmentally sustainable refrigeration. The Bitzer Ammonia Compressor Pack (ACP) does just that. Bitzer’s ACP is designed for a wide range of operations in high, mid and low temperature applications in industrial refrigeration and process cooling.

Bitzer Ammonia Compressor Afcon


Technical specifications

- Available with a capacity range of 100 to 450 TR

- Modular compressors units comprise up to 3 compressors

- Compressor packs can be connected (up to 9 compressors) and connected to a single controller

- Equipped with frequency inverter

- Common oil separator



- Optimal part load performance

- High efficiency: individual compressors can be turned on and off depending on requirements

- Maximum redundancy for high operating reliability: system has multiple ammonia screw compressors which increases its reliability over single industrial compressors

- Bitzer advanced oil management system

- Reduced installation costs

- Durability

- Fast availability for all replacement parts

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