Afcon's stand at the SAIRAC GOLF Day

The SAIRAC Golf Day held on Friday 8th September, was the usual success and very well supported by the industry, with a record field of 38 four balls.  Thank you to Tarryn Ching for her exceptional organisation.  As always it is fantastic to meet our fellow HVAC&R colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

For the third year running Afcon sponsored the 11th hole.  We thank all of you who visited our hole, and are certain the banter and cheer experienced cannot have been rivalled by any other.  It was a glorious day out on the course in sunny Durban.  Our congratulations to the winners of the day and to the Airconditioning Project's four ball who won the SAIRAC trophy.

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Afcon SAIRAC Golf DayAfcon and Carel SAIRAC Golf Day






Afcon and Concorde Refrigeration SAIRAC Golf DayAfcon and Dragt & Associates SAIRAC Golf Day 





Afcon SAIRAC Golf DayAfcon SAIRAC Golf Day






Afcon & Daikin SAIRAC Golf Day

  Afcon & Daikin SAIRAC Golf Day





Afcon & Eurocool SAIRAC Golf Day

   Afcon & the Wild Duck Socks SAIRAC Golf Day





Afcon & Airconditioning Projects - Dave Cooper, Leigh Waller, Mark Cox SAIRAC Golf Day

Afcon, Airco and CS Air SAIRAC Golf Day

Afcon SAIRAC Golf Day





Afcon SAIRAC Golf DayAfcon13 170 100Afcon and Kovco





Afcon15 170 100

Afcon & Eurocool SAIRAC Golf DayAfcon and Connies Refrigeration, Connie Steyn and Anna-Rett Steyn SAIRAC Golf Day





Afcon SAIRAC Golf DayAfcon SAIRAC Golf Day Afcon SAIRAC Golf Day


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