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The MT1885 has a large 6000 count LCD display Industrial multimeter. The meter set the standard with a combination of precision, features, easy-to-use functions, with safety and reliability and boasts a 0.09% basic accuracy. This meter enjoys the feature of having the rotary switch be turned in any direction without damaging the meter whilst signals less than 1000V AC/DC are input into the meter. This meter is protected against measuring voltage whilst the knob is set on the ohms range accidentally. The large LCD display with analogue bargraph and backlit ensure that readings are easy to read under all circumstances. A new feature is NCV where if an AC voltage above 110V is detected, a red LCD backlight will be lit.

The MT1885 measures True RMS AC Voltage and Current readings that yield accurate results on sine waves as well as non-sinusoidal waveforms, for the frequency range of 50Hz to 1kHz. The MT1885 is equipped with a 61 segment analogue bargraph and a back light. Features MAX/MIN recordings, Relative Mode, Frequency measurement with Duty Cycle. The inclusion of the Capacitance range and Temperature range, allows the user to conveniently carry out capacitance measurements and temperature measurements without having to carry separate instruments. The meter is ideal for electronic and electrical applications in the field or on the bench, plus the perfect tool for technicians in field service, mining, maintenance, facility maintenance, installation and production equipment maintenance.

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