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Liqui Moly Lead Substitute

Product Code: AF412160-05
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Afcon is launching the new Lead Substitute from Liqui Moly. Following the removal of LRP Petrol from petrol stations nationwide this product is a necessity for any veteran or classic car enthusiast.  It is a 250ml lead additive blend created to be used on cars which were not designed for unleaded petrol, as the use of the incorrect petrol has negative effects on these engines. This product does not only allow you to run your classic vehicles with unleaded petrol but also reduces harmful exhaust emissions.
Liqui Moly is a German based company founded in 1957, specialising in oils, lubricants and additives. Liqui Moly is at the forefront of engine oils products as well as the undisputed leader when it comes to additives.
Lead Substitute
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