New & Replacement Coils

New & Replacement Coils

Afcon Specialise in New & Replacement Coils:

- Chilled Water Coils

- Evaporator Coils

- Condenser Coils

- Steam Coils

Afcon are specialists in the area of new and replacement coils concentrating on custom coils for both refrigeration and air-conditioning applications.  We offer a wide range of plate fin type coils for air conditioning, refrigeration and industrial applications suitable for chilled water, hot water, steam, evaporator and condenser systems. Our technical staff provide tailored solutions for all your Industrial coil needs. Whether those needs are for Flooded coils, Glycol units or specialised DX units, we have the capability to suit all your requirements.

Our staff are trained in the measurement and selection of all types of coils for HVAC&R.

Afcon Loads Up

DX Coils

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