Hysave Lpa Technology

Hysave Lpa Technology

Exclusive design and manufacturing at your finger tips

HY-SAVE® has been manufacturing a range of LPA® Pumps and Liquid Delivery Systems (LDS™) to save energy in refrigeration and production cooling systems for 27 years.

The Company offers exclusive design and HYSAVE manufacturing services to OEM’s in the United States of America, Canada, Europe and Asia interested in product development and other bespoke applications.

Over the past 27 years, global quest for energy reduction and bespoke LPA® applications have led the Company to open a second manufacturing (ISO9001) facility audited by TUV Germany complying with (PED) European Pressure Equipment Directive, British BSI, American and Canadian UL Standards. Our manufacturing facilities have the capability and capacity of mass production of LPA® pumps to meet your production needs.

In parallel, with the introduction of natural refrigerants, the Company has developed a range of Co2 LPA® pumps to suit a variety of applications. Their  latest models include a range of high quality Super-Critical Co2 LPA® pumps designed for the harshest of environments.

HY-SAVE® technology can achieve environmental savings of 40% or more in many refrigeration systems.

Each LPA® application saves on average 32,500kWh per year in a typical refrigeration environment depending on size, cooling efficiency and mean ambient temperatures. With just over 43,000 LPA® applications in operation today, our global environmental reduction of carbon emissions is being reduced by a staggering 600,925 metric tons / year.

As energy costs continue to rise, your savings with HY-SAVE® become even more worthwhile. We offer a cost effective energy monitoring solution to measure the energy efficiency level and operating performance of refrigeration and air conditioning plant. Data is transmitted every 15 minutes to our secure servers reporting any abnormalities or losses in efficiency.  View our real time refrigeration energy monitoring screen shots.

The introduction of HY-SAVE® technologies into supermarkets, cold stores and DX Free Cooling systems has already been responsible for an annual reduction of 600,925 metric tons of carbon emissions. In the next five years, those reductions environmental savings in carbon emissions will reach 950,000 metric tons a year.

All Hy-Save products are specially selected for your application.  Please contact us for more information.

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