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Once again Afcon is celebrating long service of staff members. Jane Bophela joined us in May 2005 and is now our Warehouse Assistant. Jane is a loyal member of staff who is always ready with a smile and a laugh. Thank you Jane for your loyalty.

One of Afcon’s specialities is thermal storage, and no-one offers more technical experience than Dave Nichols. While working on a project lately he mused on the properties of ice and it is worth noting - the amount of energy that needs to be transferred to 1kg of ice in order to melt it is much higher than the energy needed to change the temperature of 1kg of water.

Neil Golten


Castel refrigeration and air-conditioning line products have been produced in Italy for 50 years. They are well known and highly regarded world-wide. Afcon stocks a wide range of Castel products including – Cores, driers, oil separators, solenoid valves, sight glasses etc. The correct sizing of tubes and components is a key part of the refrigeration and air-conditioning system, both over-sizing and under-sizing are to be avoided. Here at Afcon which are equipped to help you make the correct choice of equipment for your application.
Castel Products

Major Tech test instruments have been designed and manufactured to operate under the harshest conditions, offering reliability and accuracy for Engineers, Electricians and Electronic Technicians. Major Tech’s instruments are all made to stringent specifications and offer top quality innovative product. Major Tech products offer safety and reliability. Afcon carries a wide range of Major Tech products the most popular being the Multimeters, Clamp-on Meters, Thermo-Hygrometers, Thermometers etc. Afcon can advise and order any specialist equipment required.

Major-tech Instruments
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