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Once again Afcon has something to celebrate! We are proud to have Dave Nicholls working with us for 10 years this year. Dave started in the industry 49 years ago, doing his apprenticeship with Barlows. Dave managed both Independent Refrigeration and Reco before joining forces with Afcon. He has brought a wealth of knowledge to Afcon which he shares willingly with colleagues and staff, as well as being highly respected in the refrigeration industry. On a lighter note, it is a pleasure working with Dave, he is always ready with a joke and a laugh. In November, Afcon will have a new member of staff. Lisa Ebbing has also been in the industry for many years and will compliment our already exceptional staff.


Neil Golten

Another first for Afcon? Hy-Save Pumps
Afcon is the first Bitzer supplier in South Africa to supply the new CRII compressors. Bitzer's new CRII capacity control system now offers customers even more flexibility and reliability.
  • Promotes a higher switching frequency
  • Offers adjustable capacity control between 10 and 100%
  • Offers improved system efficiency

  • Increased switching frequency ensures smaller fluctuation in controlled value, temperature and pressure helping to significantly optimize system efficiency.

    Bitzer Natal

    Bitzer Greenpoint
    The LPAŽ pump is used in a variety of refrigeration applications that improve refrigeration performance, this enables huge savings of electrical input, reduces electricity bills and eradicates any instances of flash gas.

    Hy Save pumps

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    SINRO products are solely represented in South Africa by AFCON INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT.
    These include Thermostats, Water Flow Switches and Chilled Water Valves.
    Founded in 1992, SINRO Controls Co, specialises in designing and manufacturing automatic control products for central heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems. SINRO has been a certified ISO9000 organisation since 1996. Afcon have supplied numerous jobs with Sinro equipment, including many for chilled water fan coil applications.
    Sinro pumps
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