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This year Afcon Industrial Equipment is 20 years old. Afcon was opened by Mike Ladell in 1994 and has slowly grown. Neil Golten joined in 1996. Initially specialising in Heat Exchangers the company has become a fully fledged wholesaler of airconditioning and refrigeration equipment. Afcon prides itself on its “service delivery” and “customer relationships”. Afcon ensures that its response time for quoting and delivery is a priority. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for their continued support and our excellent staff for always going the extra mile.


Neil Golten

Carel @ Afcon! Free Hot Water!
As you may know, Afcon Industrial Equipment has been Carel Control’s agent in Natal since 2012. For the past year Carel have had a dedicated Technical Salesman, Mr Stuart Williams, working from our offices in Umgeni Road. Stuart’s role in Natal is to bring in new Carel Control business but also to offer technical advice to both existing and new customers. He is ably assisted by Afcon’s Rajen Punwasi who has twenty years’ experience with Carel products. Compliment received from Carel customer:

Dear sirs

We have never met but I wish to commend your staff, Messrs. Stewart Williams and Rajen Punwasi for their excellent customer service the last few days. …The super quick response and expert advice and support we received from these two gentlemen allowed my production line to continue operating with minimal disruption. Their support averted a potential line stop situation from occurring at my customer (…………South Africa ……………….). I cannot express my gratitude enough to these gentlemen and knowing that such exemplary support is available.
Lino Pucillo

Afcon has had lots of success recently by offering Plate Heat Exchangers as de-superheaters to generate hot water on new and existing refrigeration systems. A Plate Heat Exchanger is installed in the discharge line and 60 degrees water is easily achievable. Don’t miss out on using this simple technology to offer your customers free hot water.



Rajen and Stuart are not the only ones to receive compliments. Linky who always works really hard to ensure that every customer is responded to quickly and efficiently also received a well-deserved compliment this month.

"You are a STAR I wish we had more people we deal with who are as efficient and always willing as you are.
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