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2017 is definitely going to be an interesting year. With all the changes in the USA along with Britain moving quickly with Brexit I strongly believe this is a great opportunity for South Africa to prove its place in the Global Market place. We have every chance to grow this country's economy we just need the Government to end corruption and stop wasting money. We at AFCON can reassure you that our priorities are service delivery and building long term relationships with our customers.


Neil Golten

Happy New Year

All the Best for 2017 from Afcon Industrial Equipment. We would like to wish our staff and customers a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2017. Afcon have supplied equipment into Africa for many years and we continue to supply products and equipment to many African countries. With the range of products and agencies that we are able to supply, Afcon have raised their presence in Africa during 2016. . .

A New Series

We are introducing a new series of CUSTOMER PROFILES to the Afcon newletter. These profiles will provide you with some interesting information about those in the industry. .

Alvin Brown

Alvin, owner and managing director of Thermal Dynamics & Engineering and JNC Thermal Systems, has been working in the HVAC&R for 20 years. He has gained much experience allowing him to specialise in chillers. . .
Alvin Brown

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Bitzer Refrigerant Ruler

Bitzer has announced the launch of the first free refrigerant pressure temperature relationship application. The application is a saturated pressure temperature wheel, that allows for individual personalisation. avaliable for IOS and Android users. For more information and to download click on the image . . .
Bitzer Refrigerant Ruler Fouling Factors
Which fouling factors does Onda suggest for the selection of shell and tube heat exchangers?

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What is "Bubble Point"
The bubble point is the temperature at which a liquid forms bubbles (usually the lowest boiling point of one of the constituents of a mixture like R407C).

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