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This newsletter highlights the ability for local contractors to manufacture their own equipment. It looks at questions regarding what criteria to use when buying your refrigerant. Also see who won Afconís recent raffle and we invite you to visit our stand at the SAIRACís Golf day on 2nd September, hole 11 at Royal Durban Golf Club.

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Neil Golten

Locally Manufactured

Recently AFCON supplied all the components in the production of four Swimming Pool Heat pump units for a Local Hotel. DJ Thermal manufactured the Stainless steel Heat Pump units to their normal high standards of excellence. Afcon supplied the Onda braised plate heat exchangers, Maneurop compressors, HC purpose built condenser coils along with EBM fans and line items. In these times of volatile exchange rates and uncertainty it is reassuring to know local contractors can still manufacture high specification units as opposed to relying on imported finished goods. Locally manufactured condensing coils

DJís Fairwell to Ray

I recently attended Ray Durretís fairwell evening at DJ Thermal. Ray has been running DJ Thermal for 30 years and is a credit to our industry. Ray has supported Afcon over the years and I personally have great respect and admiration for Ray. Afcon wishes Ray all the best in his new job.

DJ Thermal

Afcon Tool Box Raffle
Jaryd Scott from CS Airconditioning wins tool bag in Afcon raffle. Prize Winner

Buying Refrigerant

What to consider when Purchasing Refrigerant?

Due to increased choice when it comes to disposable refrigerant cylinders it is important to consider the quality of the cylinder you are getting as well as your value for money. To ensure you are receiving the highest quality goods for your money consider the following when making your purchase.
Refrigerant Packaging
1. Branding
All disposable cylinders purchased should be branded otherwise it can be difficult to trace back to the manufacturer and/or importerís details.
2. Product Batch Number
Make certain the batch number appears on the cylinder as well as the box as it is used as a reference connecting the particular disposable cylinder and the Certificate of Analysis.
3. D.O.T. 39
The above is the SANS 10019 required specification for disposable cylinders entering South Africa. This should be on all disposable refrigerant cylinders.
4. Manufacturing Codes And Disposable Batch Number
Manufacturing code starts with an M and then is followed by 4 digits, this code confirms compliance with D.O.T. 39. The batch number allows cylinders to be traced, as mentioned above. For further information on disposable cylinders see the linked Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) PDFs, as well as visiting the other links below.
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