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As Durban hosts the DIFF - (Durban International Film Festival) we at Afcon like to remind you of our International DIFFerence. We strive to supply Europe's finest products whether being from
Germany - BITZER
Sweden - SWEP
So here's to a European smorgasboard of products.


Neil Golten


Onda Water Cooled Condenser
Onda has been represented in South Africa for the past eight years by Afcon Industrial Equipment. Onda produces shell & tube heat exchangers for various fields: From refrigeration (evaporators and condensers suitable for different kinds of refrigerants such as R22, R13a, R410A, R407c, NH3) to industrial applications (oil cooling, etc.) Capacities range from 10 to 3.000 kW. Onda also offers a wide range of braised plate heat exchangers. Onda has the answer to any application, whether chiller, air-conditioning or in the refrigeration field. Onda's plate heat exchangers are manufactured from raw materials of the highest quality and produced in respect of the European pressure Directive P.E.D. Onda Brazed Condensers Onda Logo
Ebara Pumps

EBARA pumps are premium pumps designed and manufactured in Italy in both cast iron and stainless steel construction. These pumps have been imported into South Africa for over 30 years and have achieved an enviable reputation for stock holding. This well respected brand has become the preferred product for many local OEM customers for incorporation into diverse applications such as cooling towers, water treatment and sewage plants and fertiliser injection systems. EBARA pumps are complemented by the Foras range of Flange pumps up to 22kW motor size. Afcon is proud to offer such quality products as EBARA and Foras pumps to suit your every requirement. Carel
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