Afcon recently had the pleasure of attending Bitzer’s EMEA Distributor’s conference in Leipzig, Germany. The delegates come from the EMEA region – Europe, Middle East and Africa. This event occurs every two years and enables Bitzer distributors to stay informed of the latest innovations and future concepts.
One of the most impressive new options on the Bitzer compressors is their new IQ module, the CM-RC-01 device to replace standard SE-B1 motor protection module. This device has the following benefits:
It controls all the devices that are mounted on the compressor and comes from the factory pre-wired.
Bitzer compressor with IQ module
Oil heater
Oil protection
Motor Protection (PTC)
Discharge gas temperature protection
Pressure transducers (LP and HP)
Refrigeration Injection (RI)
Additional fan cooling Capacity Regulation (CRII)
Start Unloading (SU)
High Pressure switch
The device also allows for the control of CRII unloaders – meaning that you no longer require a sophisticated PLC controller only a device that has an external 0-10v signal.
The IQ device has a built in Data Logger and Bluetooth facility, plus as an added benefit compressors ordered with this device can have a 2 year extended warranty – since the compressor cannot run outside its envelope with this controller. your social media marketing partner
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